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Writer’s Block

Maintaining a personal blog requires commitment on the blogger, and not that it is chore for me, it has somewhat become something that I would use to remind myself of what my thoughts were, what was happening and when it happened…

But I find my passion for writing stories and poems, long gone… I noticed ever since I entered the married life I had no need to find an avenue to express love because I could express it through my husband, but I do miss it.

And this is one of those times I miss writing… a rainy afternoon, passing the time, watching people pass by, thinking of what the kids are doing, have they done their assignments already, have they eaten, when will I have the energy to do truckloads of laundry, when will the house stay clean, need to save money for the kids monthly tuition, need to wake up early in the morning, need to drive my mom around,need to do some errands, a lot of things are happening, and I feel a tired just thinking about it.

A lot of thoughts running in my mind. 



Darna in a fat suit

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